Matthäus is a Product Designer based around Frankfurt

Hey, I’m Matthäus

Currently working on Anchorpoint

A digital product designer challenged to make complex enterprise software easy to use. Creating the right information architecture and managing complexity are the foundation for enterprise software to create a meaningful user experience that matches business goals.

Currently, I am building Anchorpoint, an asset manager for 3D studios.

Previous work

Maxon Cinema 4D

My challenge was to make a complex 3D software accessible for artists who want to design and not to deal with technical constraints.

ZDF – Second German Television

I created 3D illustrations and animation for the prime time news. They were used as a hologram in a virtual studio to assist the newscaster.

University of Applied Sciences Mainz

I graduated 2016 at University of Applied Sciences Mainz with Lingit – a language learning app. It got rewared at UX Challenge 2019.

Exploring Eastern Europe and Central Asia